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Welcome to Go While You Can


Our Goal

We are trying to motivate people like you to get and see things while you can. We all have tons of excuses as to why we can’t: “I’m too busy,” or, “I can’t afford it right now,” and while these are legitimate excuses, there no reason why you can’t get out and explore the region around you. You don’t have to book a whirlwind trip to Europe or an expedition through the Alaskan wilderness. Fun and exciting things surround you; all you have to do is open your eyes and Go While You Can.

Our motto is: Use it or lose it! Too many times life seems to get in the way of us doing the things we love, and by the time we get a chance to slow down and take a breath, some of us realize that it’s too late. But, you know what? It doesn’t have to be. We want to keep it simple.

We hope that we can encourage and motivate you to get out and experience everything around you; to see the world or even the town you live in. Big or small, it’s all within reach.

We Love to Share!

If you have written, want to write, or have an idea for an article, please let us know. Articles should be at least 300 words and we encourage images, as long as you are the owner. Any pieces written should not have been posted anywhere else, including your own blog;  however, we will include a link to your site. 

Also, if you would just like to share a photo or two, please send it to us via the email address listed below. Don’t forget to tell us (and our readers) all about it. All photos will be attributed to you and your website (if applicable). Photos must be your own. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions you might have. Either leave a comment on an article you enjoyed, or send us an email at: gowhileyoucan2016@gmail.com.

We’d love to hear from you.

GK Adams