Overnight Camping: 10 Essential Items to Pack


Here are 10 Essential Items to Pack for Overnight Camping 

Number One:

Some sort of navigational guide.

essential items to pack

GPS, map, and/or a compass. Make sure to pack extra batteries, if necessary, for backup. If you are hiking at a State Park, hop into the main office and grab a trail map. 

Number Two:

First-Aid Kit

essential items to pack

The minimum you need are gauze pads, first-aid tape, ibuprofen, ointment packets, hand wipes, safety pins, and adhesive bandages. Mine also contacts an Ace bandage because you never know when you might need extra support after twisting an ankle. 

Number Three:


essential items to pack

Pack extra layers of clothing. A lightweight fleece to keep you warm, but if you get too warm, you can wrap it around your waist. Also, pack a light waterproof jacket. Nothing can make you more miserable than being soaking wet. 

Number Four:


essential items to pack

Use a headlamp for hands-free tasks around your camp. Don’t forget a flashlight so you can pinpoint those bumps in the night. 

Number Five:

Repair Kit

essential items to pack

I carry a multi-use tool, a small knife, and some duct tape. Don’t laugh. Duct tape can fix just about anything. 

Number Six:


essential items to pack

This should go without saying. I have a bladder in my backpack, and it has served me well. It’s not fun when your fingers swell or you have a heat stroke. Cool yourself down and get plenty of hydration, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Number Seven:


essential items to pack

Pack a tent, or an extra blanket if you don’t have one. I have found that the thin green wool blankets are great. You can get them at an Army-Navy Surplus near you. 

Number Eight:

Extra Food

essential items to pack

Take along a few extra trail bars. I use the Cliff Bars … they are tasty! Other snacks can be easily packed in a zip-lock baggie and stowed in your backpack. 

Number Nine:

Sun Protection

essential items to pack

You need sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. Take along a hat and some sunglasses, too!

Number Ten:


essential items to pack

Waterproof matches, an extra lighter, or some flint. Grab the lint from your dryer — they make excellent fire starters!

Is there anything else that you can suggest?


GK Adams
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